If you're a new mom or have a newborn baby, may it be your second, third or fourth little one, you will still experience nipple soreness that will last for a few days or weeks. That is normal since you are breastfeeding, the pain will eventually decrease after a couple of days. 

With the help of some medications or creams, the pain will lessen for you to be more comfortable in breastfeeding your baby. When I was at my first few weeks, I use breast milk and let it dry (air dry) as long as we are inside the bed room. It's the safest way to relieve your sore nipples. But of course, if you are a busy mom, stay at home and if you don't have someone to take care of your baby, you might not be able to just let your boobies swing by the house to let them dry with breast milk on it while doing the household chores. 

This Nipple Care Cream from Pigeon will help you to ease the pain and soreness from your nipples. It is made from 100% ultra-pure Lanolin, completely natural and Hypoallergenic. It is also color and fragrance-free and no additives. Safe for both mom and baby, no need to wipe or rinse before baby directly latches on you. 

Its moisture helps to heal, soothe and protect dry, cracked skin due to continuous pulling and sucking of baby to mom's breast while breastfeeding. This can also be used if you pump, to avoid dryness of the nipples. I am lucky that I didn't experience cracked nipples in the first few weeks of baby G. Although I am getting ready by now since his 4 teeth are big enough to bite my nipples anytime! 

A couple of weeks ago, I had a milk bleb - the tiny white spot on the nipple which can be removed by a sterile needle prick. It is caused by your baby's maneuvering acts while breastfeeding, not by clogged ducts alone. At this stage, baby G loves maneuvering while directly latches on me so it's so hard to feed him these days. I didn't want to needle-prick the bleb, so I let him sucked and sucked until it hurts so much! I was in pain for about 2 days until it finally came off. And my nipple got a new hole, it felt so sore, my goodness! 

Like I always take a warm bath, yes, for 10 months now I'm still comfortable and it brings much relaxation to bathe in warm water. I always put a pea sized amount of this cream on my thumb and index finger, gently rub and apply to the nipples before taking a bath. After 2 days, no more sore nipples! Yay! This shall always come in handy especially to working moms who are pumping to avoid dryness and cracked nipples, for moms who are always on the go.

Priced at Php 879.75 for 50 grams. If you buy from Ogalala World , they have an on-going promo of FREE 6 packs of Honeycomb breast pads when you purchase a Pigeon Nipple Care Cream. 

Happy Breastfeeding Month mommas! Spread love not pain! :)