Ask any mom and she’ll definitely agree to this statement: motherhood is the best job in the world. Her journey is one full of moments of wonder, and yes, many times, experiences that she will never trade for anything else.

This Mother’s Day, Pigeon celebrates the Filipino supermom’s extraordinary journey. Pigeon is her ultimate companion at every stage of the lifelong experience—from the excitement of pregnancy to the ultimate joy of childbirth and the fulfilment of childrearing.

“Here at Pigeon, we’re more than just about helping moms have the right products at the right time,” says Maye Yao Co Say, Chief Operations Officer of Richwell Phils. Inc., the exclusive distributor of Pigeon in the Philippines. “We want to be the mother’s companion in every aspect and moment of her journey, big or small. We want to be part of the reason why motherhood is an immense joy. As a mom myself, I know that what we really appreciate is having someone go through our good and not-so-good moments with us.”

And Pigeon does this well, fully supporting a mother’s love and care for her baby right from day one, which we know is marked by the knowledge of pregnancy. “For a woman, the joy of pregnancy and knowing that one is about to welcome a little one into the world—and into their family—is incomparable,” Yao Co Say points out.

To prepare for a safe and healthy birth, and to ease the natural discomfort that comes with pregnancy, Pigeon presents the Support Belt Mesh Type, Maternity Back Support Belt and Maternity Girdle from its Mothercare Essentials products. All designed to ease pressure in the lower back because of a growing belly,  the use of such maternity wear helps prevent some common healthcare problems during pregnancy such as  severe back problems.

Pigeon assures mothers and their babies that their well-being is looked after, during and even after this momentous occasion with its Mothercare Essentials- Nipple Care Cream, Body & Stretch Mark Cream, Anti-bacterial Wipes, and even Pelvic Support accessories for moms.

The first few months are incredibly crucial for moms and babies for bonding and connecting, and this can be done through Pigeon Happy Cycle. To aid mothers in this life-changing experience, Pigeon offers its Breastfeeding Essentials line. Must-haves include Breast Pumpsand Breastmilk Storage Bags and Containers, all of which ensure that the quality of both milk and feeding experience promote wonderful moments between mother and child. Of course, Pigeon Happy Cycle will not be complete without giving every mom the security of real sterilization safest for babies. Pigeon Liquid Cleanser is 100% food grade to ensure maximum safety and Pigeon sterilizers are also convenient, durable, and easy-to-use, syncing well with every parent’s busy and fast-paced lifestyle.

Yao Co Say concludes, “Ultimately, it’s not just about the baby, it’s also about the mom. Both deserve round-the-clock care and support during this very special time in their lives. And Pigeon is here to help them experience that.”

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