A baby’s skin is only about half as thick as an adult’s. The skin secretions that help protect your baby from pollutants in the environment are less than half of an adult’s. With such delicate skin and a naturally weaker immune system, your baby is highly susceptible to infections, irritants and injuries.

Apart from giving your baby a bath every day, you must use baby products which contain only the kindest ingredients on your baby’s delicate skin. Pigeon, the market leader in mother care and baby products, offers uniquely designed baby wipes that not only cater to infants and children, but can also be used by the rest of the family. With purified water used as the base of formulation, Pigeon Baby Wipescontains soothing Chamomile Oil that acts as an excellent emollient for skin; it is 100% alcohol-free and is microbiologically tested to ensure that babies are free from harmful bacteria and fungi.

In Pigeon, we take pride in giving the best quality hygienic wipes that are especially formulated for baby’s delicate skin. Pigeon does microbiological tests compulsory to ensure all Pigeon Baby Wipes are FREE from bacteria which are very harmful to baby’s’ skin, especially for those who suffer from nappy rash.

There’s also Pigeon Baby Laundry Detergent that is made with ultra-mild and baby-friendly ingredients that are kind to your baby's sensitive skin. Its special formulation has anti-bacterial properties to kill germs while effectively removes dirt on baby’s clothes and thoroughly cleans stubborn stains and odor on diapers. Pigeon Baby Laundry Detergent contains no artificial coloring agents and is 100% free from harsh chemicals such as Phosphate and Fluorescent, hence it is completely safe and gentle on baby’s skin.

So protect your baby’s delicate skin from irritations with these great baby’s skincare essentials from Pigeon.

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