Proper hygiene is crucial to your baby’s health, but don’t forget that safety is also a priority. Made from 100% food-grade ingredients, Pigeon’s liquid cleanser provides parents a gentler yet more effective way to keep baby toys and accessories clean and bacteria-free. It is suitable for cleaning items such as bottles, nipples and pacifiers.

Pigeon’s Liquid Cleanser model effectively removes stubborn milk stains from feeding accessories, and features anti-bacterial properties, leaving no room for bacteria to breed. It uses food-grade materials that are 100% safe for the baby, even if cleaner residues are present. The cleanser comes in 200ml and 450ml bottles. A 700ml model equipped with a pump, and a 650ml refill pack, plus twin refill packs and foam versions, are also available.

With low viscosity, the baby bottle cleanser from Pigeon is low-foaming and easy to rinse off. Its 100% food-grade ingredients make the product gentle on the skin and safe to consume in cases where the toys and accessories were not washed or rinsed properly. Aside from baby items, the cleanser is also suitable for removing harmful agricultural chemicals on fruits and vegetables.

Additionally, the liquid cleanser can be used for soaking, or directly dispensed on a brush or sponge for cleaning. It is not, however, a substitute to sterilizing agents. It should be used immediately after opening, and stored away from high temperatures, humidity and direct sunlight.

With Pigeon’s liquid cleansers, parents can 100% ensure the overall health and safety of their children through the cleanliness of their things and surroundings. Anti-bacterial and food-grade, the product is beneficial for both baby and adult use. Learn more about this product and our other offerings today. Call us at (02) 990-5437.