Feeder w/ Long Sil Nip for Cleft Palate (A075)

Opening of the nipple  
-Its is cut three ways so that baby can get enough milk.

-The nipple head fits the mouth so that the baby can drink less effort as compared to the regular kind of nipples. Also, one side of the nipple is thinner than the other side so that milk flows with less effort. The thicker side of the nipple should be placed against the roof of the mouth.

Air Vent  
-Prevents nipple from collapsing or milk not flowing  

One-way Flow Valve
-The one-way valve keeps the milk inside the nipple from flowing back into the bottle during nursing. Milk will flow out when babies squeeze the nipple with their tongues.  

-Milk can be given smoothly to babies by slightly squeezing the bottle. in addition, the bottle has an oval shape which leads to ease in holding and squeezing. The cleft palate nipple fits any standard baby bottle, but leaking or nipple collapse may occur, depending on the fit of the air valve.